7 February, 2014

7th february, 2014

Recital with Ianthe Ensemble in the Festival “Músicos del Mundo”. (León, Spain). Program: horn trio arrangement of the horn quintet KV407 by Mozart, “Windows of Meaning” by Víctor Estapé, the horn trio Op. 40 by Brahms
16 February, 2012

17th february, 2012

Recital in León (Spain). Auditorium Caja Duero-España. It was part of the international cycle “músicos del mundo”, organized by Fundación Eutherpe. Program: the Sonata in E minor by J. Haydn, Children’s Corner and Reflets dans l’eau by Debussy. The four pieces Op.119 by J.Brahms, Cançons i dances n. 7 and 8 by F. Mompou and the Ballade n. 3 by F. Chopin