15 November, 2015

15th november, 2015

Recital with Ianthe Ensemble in the Holywell Music Room in Oxford. Program: to be confirmed
6 November, 2015

6th november, 2015

Lunchtime recital at St. James’s Piccadilly. Organized by ILAMS
25 October, 2015

25th october, 2015

Flute and Piano Sunday Concert with flautist Boris Bizjak at the church of Ascension, Blackheath. […]
7 August, 2015

7th-9th august, 2015

Music Festival in Linyola
1 August, 2015

1st august, 2015

Evening recital in the Festival de Música de Cervià de Ter, organised by Ibercamera
4 July, 2015

4th july, 2015

Recital (Michel Wagemans, in memoriam). Sala Tarafa, Granollers
17 June, 2015

17th june, 2015

Lunchtime piano recital at St James’s Piccadilly. Organized by Iberian Latin American Music Society. Program: […]
15 June, 2015

15th june, 2015

Piano recital at Blackheath Halls. Program: tbc
13 June, 2015

13th june, 2015

Piano recital in Faversham. Program: tbc
24 February, 2015

24th february, 2015

Piano recital at St. Paul’s Church in Bedford. Program: tbc
24 January, 2015

24th january, 2015

Morning recital at 10:45 am in Morden College (Blackheath, London) together with violinist Marisol Lee. […]
23 January, 2015

23rd january, 2015

Ianthe Ensemble. Concert in St martin in the fields. Program: tbc
30 November, 2014

30th novembre and 1st september, 2014

“Music on Sundays & Lunchtime Recitals”, with Ianthe Ensemble, in the Fundación Juan March (Madrid). […]
22 November, 2014

22nd november, 2014

Participation in the colloquium “la música culta a les comarques gironines. Dels trobadors a l’electoacústica”. […]
26 June, 2014

26th june, 2014

Lunchtime Recital with Ianthe Ensemble in the Leatherhead Methodist Church. Program: horn trio arrangement of […]