13 June, 2015

13th june, 2015

Piano recital in Faversham. Program: tbc
24 February, 2015

24th february, 2015

Piano recital at St. Paul’s Church in Bedford. Program: tbc
24 January, 2015

24th january, 2015

Morning recital at 10:45 am in Morden College (Blackheath, London) together with violinist Marisol Lee. […]
23 January, 2015

23rd january, 2015

Ianthe Ensemble. Concert in St martin in the fields. Program: tbc
30 November, 2014

30th novembre and 1st september, 2014

“Music on Sundays & Lunchtime Recitals”, with Ianthe Ensemble, in the Fundación Juan March (Madrid). […]
22 November, 2014

22nd november, 2014

Participation in the colloquium “la música culta a les comarques gironines. Dels trobadors a l’electoacústica”. […]
26 June, 2014

26th june, 2014

Lunchtime Recital with Ianthe Ensemble in the Leatherhead Methodist Church. Program: horn trio arrangement of […]
2 June, 2014

2nd june, 2014

Lunchtime Recital together with violinist Yuka Ishizuka, at BlackHeath Halls. Program: the six Bagatelles Op.126 […]
9 May, 2014

9th may, 2014

Piano Recital in the Auditori Josep Viader (Girona). Program: the six Bagatelles Op.126 by L.V.Beethoven, […]
26 April, 2014

26th april, 2014

Piano Recital in Faversham. Program: the six Bagatelles Op.126 by L.V. Beethoven, Sonatine pour Yvette […]
13 March, 2014

13th march, 2014

Performance of the Horn Trio by G. Ligeti in the Thursdays Series 400+, together with […]
7 February, 2014

7th february, 2014

Recital with Ianthe Ensemble in the Festival “Músicos del Mundo”. (León, Spain). Program: horn trio […]
11 December, 2013

11th december, 2013

Recital with cellist Mathias Johansen in the Monteleón Chamber Music Festival (León, Spain). Program: the […]
19 October, 2013

19th october, 2013

Evening Recital with Ianthe Ensemble in Aylesbury. Program: the horn Trio by Ligeti, the Sonata […]
3 October, 2013

3th october, 2013

Lunchtime Recital with violinist Marisol Lee in the David Josefowitz Recital Hall (Royal Academy of […]